We have been in the business of providing end-to-end solutions for wealth management companies for quite a while, with our first software being developed back in 2004.

We have come a long way and with a team of 40 professionals powering our solutions, we feel confident that our cutting edge 360° solution is well suited for our range of clients.

We are a dynamic software development company that thrives on building great software utilising the very latest technology and constant innovation. We continue to push the boundaries of technical excellence in every project we undertake.

The following are just a few of the areas we have developed in the last few years:

  • Online trading platforms – we have developed some of the best, world-class online trading platforms such as CCTrader
  • Cryptocurrencies platforms – similarly we have embraced the latest wave in the financial services sector and developed platforms which allow purchasing and selling of cryptocurrencies
  • Software development – this remains one of our core strengths with in-house developers and professionals matching the requirements of financial services companies

At Finance Stack, we are driven to create efficient investment processes, deliver high-quality end products, and provide market leading software in the financial services space.